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Current Projects
Project Title Coordinator Description
gOffice Suite J_T_Biggs A simple freeware version of Office 2000 like applications. Should include Gorilla Word, Gorilla Grade, Gorilla HTML mainly, along with some other applications.
Gorillas J_T_Biggs A 2 player Direct X game where two Gorillas battle it out for supreme ruler of the city skyline.
Bejeweled J_T_Biggs A Direct X puzzle type arcade game based on that of Microsoft. Player must rearrange gems in order to get pairs.
gCompile J_T_Biggs A front-end Half-Life/Quake Series Map Compiler which allows for complex compiling with an easy-to-use interface.
Dark Ore J_T_Biggs A fun 2D action game which lets you shoot up bad guys in a space/planet environment.
GorillaBook J_T_Biggs A PHP/MySQL Guestbook project designed to compete with other bulletin boards and provide a free alternative.
gMail J_T_Biggs A simple application which reads POP3 Mail accounts and notifies the user if Spam Mail exists.

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